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Release Notes

V8 syntax examples に記載されているリストによると
  • let and const
  • Arrow functions
  • Classes
  • Destructuring assignments
  • Template literals
  • Default parameters
  • Multi-line strings




Run メニューから戻すこともできる
 Run > Disable new Apps Script runtime powered by Chrome V8

既存のRhino runtimeとV8 runtimeの非互換性によって、移行後に既存のコードが失敗する可能性もあるらしい。(ほぼ大丈夫っぽいけど)


February 5, 2020
Apps Script now supports the V8 runtime. This enables modern JavaScript features and syntax in Apps Script. You can migrate existing scripts to use V8 and its features.
V8 Runtime Overview

Migrating scripts to the V8 runtime

V8 syntax examples

Modern JavaScript features
The V8 runtime supports modern ECMAScript syntax and features. The Rhino runtime is based on the older JavaScript 1.6 standard, plus a few features from 1.7 and 1.8. You can freely choose which runtime to use with your script, but the V8 runtime is strongly recommended.

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