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Google Slidesの表でセルの書式を設定したい - Format cells in a table

I tried to apply formatting to the cells in a table in Google Slides using Apps Script.
  • セルの文字色:  Font color
  • 太字:  Bold
  • 文字サイズ: Font size
  • 背景色: Background color
  • 垂直中央: Vertical alignment
  • 水平中央:  Horizontal alignment

An example of the slide used for this demonstration.
function formatCells() {
var presentation = SlidesApp.getActivePresentation();
var slide = presentation.getSelection().getCurrentPage();
var tables = slide.getTables();

var table = tables[0];
var numRows = table.getNumRows();
var numCols = table.getNumColumns();

for (var i = 0; i < numRows; i++) {
for (var j = 0; j < numCols; j++) {
var cell = table.getCell(i, j);
var textStyle = cell.getText().getTextStyle();
textStyle.setForegroundColor('#ffffff');// fontColor
textStyle.setBold(true);// bold
textStyle.setFontSize(14);// fontSize

cell.getFill().setSolidFill('#0000cd');// backgroundColor
cell.setContentAlignment(SlidesApp.ContentAlignment.MIDDLE);// verticalAlign
cell.getText().getParagraphStyle().setParagraphAlignment(SlidesApp.ParagraphAlignment.CENTER);// horizontalAlign

Running formatCells() successfully changed the appearance of the table as specified in the code.


It took multiple attempts to achieve successful horizontal centering of text within cells, as neither ChatGPT-4 nor Gemini provided a working solution in one go.

cell.getText().getParagraphStyle().setParagraphAlignment(SlidesApp.ParagraphAlignment.CENTER);// horizontalAlign

It seems that ContentAlignment can only be used for vertical alignment.

cell.setContentAlignment(SlidesApp.ContentAlignment.MIDDLE);// verticalAlign

Format cells in a table within Google Slides using Apps Script.


Google Slidesの表をApps Scriptで取得したい - Get tables in Slides

Class Table > getCell(rowIndex, columnIndex)

Class TableCell > getText()

Class TableCell > getFill()

Class TableCell > setContentAlignment(contentAlignment)

Class TextRange > getTextStyle()

Class TextRange > getParagraphStyle()

Class ParagraphStyle > setParagraphAlignment(alignment)

Class TextStyle > setForegroundColor

Class TextStyle > setBold(bold)

Class TextStyle > setFontSize(fontSize)

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