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Google Slidesの表内の指定文字の文字色と背景色を変えたい - Set the text color and background color within a table in Google Slides

以下の記事では、Google Slidesの表内にある単語の置換と太字にする処理を行いました。
In the following article, I tried to replace and bold words within a table in Google Slides.

This time, I will try a code to set the text color and background color for specified text in a cell within a table.


Prepare a table with 3 rows and 2 columns, and enter text in the second row and second column.

その際、太字にしたい単語を [ ] で囲んでおきます。
Enclose the word you want to bold in square brackets [].

The text used in this example.

Using Google Apps Script to change the text [color] and [background color] of a specified cell in a table in Google Slides.

今回の例では、color と background color を [] で囲んでいます。
In this example, "color" and "background color " are enclosed in square brackets [].

表を選択して boldColorTargetWords() を実行すると、color と background color の [] が空文字に置き換わり、文字が白、背景色が黒になります。
After selecting the table and executing boldColorTargetWords(), the square brackets [] are removed, and the text "color" and "background color" become white with a black background.

Apps Script
function boldColorTargetWords() {
const table = getSelectedTable();
const row = 1;
const col = 1;
const cell = table.getCell(row, col);

const textRange = cell.getText();
let text = textRange.asString();
let values = text.match(/(?<=\[).+?(?=\])/g);

text = text.replace(/\[|\]/g, '');
for (let i = 0; i < values.length; i++) {
const value = values[i];
const startIndex = text.indexOf(value);
const endIndex = startIndex + value.length;
const textStyle = textRange.getRange(startIndex, endIndex).getTextStyle();
textStyle.setForegroundColor('#FFFFFF'); // white
textRange.getRange(startIndex, endIndex).getTextStyle().setBackgroundColor('#000000'); // black

function getSelectedTable() {
const presentation = SlidesApp.getActivePresentation();
const selection = presentation.getSelection();
const pageElement = selection.getPageElementRange().getPageElements()[0];
const table = pageElement.asTable();
return table;


Google Slidesの表内の指定文字を置換して太字にしたい - Replace and bold specific text within a table in Google Slides

Class TextStyle > setForegroundColor(hexColor) 

Class TextStyle > setBackgroundColor(hexColor)

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